Why I do firewalking

Stephen Morgan: Firewalking Leader/Instructor.

Have you ever had that thought deep down in your gut where you truly believe that the only thing holding you back is you? I did and that’s why I now facilitate Firewalking because what I learned from my very first firewalk is a simple truth; that truly the only thing stopping me, was me.

That one simple understanding, has now pushed me further along on my path, a path of my choosing. Up until that moment I felt like a feather in the wind constantly tossed asunder no surety, never feeling safe. No clear direction. Yet as it sunk in and of what I’d actually achieved and had walked across the red-hot coals, I realised the power was mine; and that You either do or You don’t & that’s OK. Up until that moment I was stuck in a rut; bogged down and saw no way out; I saw myself as a victim and acted accordingly; instead of seeing myself as the survivor & thriver I am, a seeker of truths. A spiritual warrior if you like whose battle is always with the self. Because that’s what life has taught me all we ever are; are the sum total of all decisions we ever make both small and large. Firewalking has given me back MY choices, may I ask what are yours?

I have a passion to put my unique experience to good use and utilise the various CBT; safe place imagery Techniques and psychological understandings that I have gained over my lifetime. Discover the Mind Body Relationship for yourself with simple techniques, which also helps with stress related modes; PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) of which I have experienced myself and reoccurring themes that lead to ingrained habits.

I have found that Firewalking floods your fears as if walking over a calm flowing shallow stream; as you turn to face the sun feeling it’s warmth gently caressing you; or the moon gently blowing to you. See where you want to be and proceed. Open the door to the endless possibilities of your mind.

The wealth store you already possess; it’s within your grasp reach out; if you want to be your own personal motivation; draw from the wellspring of your own inspiration; as unique as you are.

I carry a black and white photo around with me in my wallet; remind me of how far I’ve come. And to remind me there’s no going back just as when I did my first firewalk; I invite you to make that decision for yourself and cross the hot coals, begin breaking through your own barriers/fears.  And the beauty in life; the natural world; begins flooding colour back into your life re-filling the void.

If you cannot change the beginning, start where you are and change the ending of YOUR story.

Firewalking gave me back my sense of purpose. And has inspired me to help where I can, to give back, help good causes raise much needed awareness and funding in the process.

“Out of nothing is the possibility of everything” search your dreams.

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