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Have you ever asked yourself “If there was no tomorrow, what would I do differently today?”

I  did and that’s what inspired me to motivate myself and others to think not only outside the box; but inside too. Just one simple question.

Yet the consequences of simply contemplating that question can lead to profound changes in your life. And to this day I carry around a picture of who I used to be simply as a reminder of how far I have come from simply asking myself that very question.

And now I wish to share how firewalking has helped me turn my life around; and what has inspired me to setup Firewalk Cymru, so as to facilitate firewalking for events and charity fundraisers.

You see, that’s what Firewalking has done for me given me back my choices just as the first time I walked over the hot coals; it was my choice to take the first step or not, my choice.

And that’s the thing you’ve made the choice already; taken the first step, your reading this. And all it takes is that first step. So well done you; for beginning your journey.

On closing whilst Firewalking is a dangerous pursuit; the benefits of Firewalking can be incredibly life changing and empowering and remember your participation is completely voluntary.

It’s your choice. YOU CHOOSE.

Our next charity event will be in early 2019, raising funds for the Wales Air Ambulance, help save lives by changing yours for the better!

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